This website will eventually be a list of everyone who ever got a professional credit on Star Trek.  It starts with the Original Series (TOS).  Episodes are listed in order of production number (not broadcast order).  Other Star Trek series, movies, animated episodes, books, records and possibly other related sources, will eventually be included, anything that has a name professionallyattached to Star Trek.  If you know details about any of the names listed here or dispute facts that are mentioned, or you have other names or details to add, please contact

While volumes have been written about Shatner and Nimoy, and some of the other major stars, there is little or nothing about many of their Guest Stars and almost nothing about the writers, directors and other crew. The Casting Director  (Joe D’Agosta) had an obvious intent, perhaps encouraged by Roddenberry, to include many veteran actors.  There are many for whom their appearance in Star Trek would be one of their last acting appearances, people such as Elisha Cook Jr., Celia Lovsky or Ian Wolfe.  These, and many others, had an extensive list of major credits in movies and television. (Elisha Cooke Jr. played across from Humphrey Bogart in “The Maltese Falcon”.)  So this list is an attempt to make their previous accomplishments remembered by the Star Trek fan base and to honor their earlier accomplishments, as well as their Star Trek legacy.  Where there are major on-line sources of information on any particular actor, links have been provided rather than copying the entire entry.

This list ends with a detailed table of all 79 original episodes which allow the casual user to see the relationship between these episodes from many different perspectives.  If you see a name there that you do not know, find their name alphabetically in the list immediately below.  Following that is a list of all the job titles, with the names of the people who performed those tasks in one or more of the original episodes. Science Fiction fans will be interested in the list of “writers” as many of them were seasoned, famous, science fiction writers long before (and long after) the original Star Trek.


This is a list that includes everyone who was ever a credit on an episode of Star Trek or any of its spin offs, animated series, movies, books. It will list the details of every one of these people, and their history before and after their Star Trek connection. For major stars, a link to their section in Wikipedia, or IMDB (or other site) would be included. Readers, such as you, should be encouraged to add details regarding the crew and staff who were responsible for Star Trek in all it’s iterations: TV series, movies, cartoons, books, magazines, games, auctions.

I intend to start with just the original TV series, and all the cast and crew who received a credit with each episode. There are more than a few uncredited roles as well, if these can be verified.


Many credits include acronyms for organizations.  These add credibility and stature to those who perform these duties.  Here is a list of acronyms in the list below.

ACE  American Cinema Editors | ACE

ASC The American Society of Cinematographers magazine: American Cinematographer.

CHS  I cannot find any information on this Hairdresser/Stylist Organization. Can you help me?

SMA Society of Makeup Artists (there is a Wikipedia link