Some people love clowns. Some people are afraid of clowns. How well do you know your famous clowns? Here’s a list. Can you tell me what each of these clowns was associated with? What TV series? Which circus? Movie? In the news? The name of the person who played the clown?

Here they are in alphabetical order (to help confuse you):

  1. Bozo
  2. Chuckles
  3. Clarabell
  4. Coco
  5. Dodo
  6. Fizbo
  7. Freddie the Freeloader
  8. Homey D. Clown
  9. Jangles
  10. Koko
  11. Krusty
  12. Lizbo
  13. Pagliacci
  14. Pee Wee
  15. Pogo
  16. Puddles
  17. Ronald McDonald
  18. Shalimar
  19. The Tramp
  20. Wavy Gravy
  21. Weary Willie
  22. Yucko

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