Famous Clown Answers

BozoSyndicated to many local TV stations in the 1950’s/1960”s
ChucklesThe Mary Tyler Moore Show
ClarabellHowdy Doody (Bob Keeshan played the original Carabell)
CocoNicolai Poliakoff of the Bertram Mills Circus
DodoRed Skelton Show
FizboAlter ego of Cameron on “Modern Family”
Freddy the FreeloaderAnother clown by Red Skelton on his TV show and live appearances.
Homey D. ClownDamon Wayans “In Living Color”– “Homey don’t play dat!”
JanglesMenacing giant clown in the animated movie “Inside Out”
KokoBetty Boop’s cartoon buddy (1930’s)
KrustyThe Simpsons
LizboAlter Ego of Cam & Mitchell’s daughter, Lilly, on “Modern Family”
PagliacciLeoncavallo’s 1892 opera of the same name
Pee WeePaul Rubers – Pee Wee’s Playhouse
PogoJohn Wayne Gacey, serial killer
PuddlesVery tall (~ 7ft.) singing clown from “Puddles Pity Party”
Ronald McDonaldMcDonalds restaurants, Williard Scott was the first one
ShalimarBook by Salman Rushdie, now a play
The TrampCharlie Chaplain
Wavy GravySasha Romney – first hippie clown
Weary WillieEmmett Kelly – Ringling Brothers Circus
YuckoHoward Stern Show