Many Chinese restaurants offer Dim Sum (which means “Pieces of the Heart”). See Ton Kiang and Asia Gardens in the restaurant section for example. Steve thinks if you know the Chinese names of the dishes you get better service, so here’s a guide to some of the more popular dim sum dishes (and what they are):

Dim Sum NameTranslated NameWhat it is
Har Gow (like “Cow”)Shrimp DumplingShrimp in a clear rice pouch.
Siu My (like “ Shoe Fly”)Pork and Shrimp DumplingPork & shrimp in a yellow rice pouch.
Siu Lung Bow (like “Cow”)Shanghai Meat DumplingPork and a white rice pouch
Nol My GuySticky RiceRice with meat cooked inside.
Ha YoungShrimp BallsChopped shrimp with a crunchy outside.
Tao MayoSnow Pea GreensMost intense green vegetable anywhere!
Wah TipPot Stickers, very popularPork or Vegetables in a thick wrapper.
Polo BaoCustard filled pastryYummy Chinese dessert.

Once you’ve started, just try whatever looks good. Steve is famous within Belden for liking chicken feet (fung tzo), but that’s an acquired taste! On the other hand, if you’re adventurous, you will be amazed at the reaction when you ask for them. (They’re the favorite dish of the Chinese staff.)