Baseball Cards

Coming very soon

Welcome to the baseball card section of  I have been collecting baseball cards for over sixty years.  This has produced thousands of duplicate cards. I finally decided to set up a section of this webpage to sell these cards.  My intent is to improve my existing collection, not to make money.  This business is a one-man band, so I might be slow to reply if you try and contact me, but I will offer cards at very reasonable cost.  As you will see with the sample below, I have started by separating the LOWEST quality cards in each year and selling them on one page (7 – 8 cards) at a time.

These currently cover Topp’s baseball from 1957 through 1962, the years I collect.  Here’s how this will work.

  • They are each $30 per page which is a very good value for 7 or 8 cards.
  • Specify the year and the number of the page.
  • Tax (if applicable) and shipping will be added to each order.
  • I’ll throw in a classic PVC binder page to hold these cards.  Each card is also in a protective sleeve.
  • While you can order as many pages as you want, I can only ship a maximum of three at a time. The shipping for more than 3 pages will reflect this.
  • We make sure that each page does not include any duplicates among the 7 or 8 cards shown.
  • If you order more than one page, there might be duplicate cards between pages of a specific year.
  • I guarantee that these cards are all actual cards from the year specified, no “reproductions” or modern copies.
  • If the front of each card looks great, it means that the back doesn’t look so good.  
  • Many of these cards were glued, scotch taped, written or scribbled on or otherwise defaced.
  • These cards are the LOWEST quality commonly available.
  • But they are a great way to start a collection of these early years, or to interest new baseball card collectors. Heck, $30 is not a lot.  Makes a great gift.