There are hundreds of sushi restaurants. Most “newbies” are scared away by the idea of eating “raw fish” but, believe me, sushi is so much more than just raw fish. Look at our beginners list below

Sushi NameTranslatedWhat it is
California RollCooked crab and avocado in a seaweed wrapper. The best!
Dragon RollTempura shrimp, covered with avocado and broiled eel.
UnagiFresh-water EelBroiled eel over rice. Absolutely amazing.
EbiShrimpCooked shrimp over rice.
UniSea UrchinVery unusual, creamy, salty, sweet. Intense flavor. (Raw.)
HamachiYellowtail (fish)Raw too, so just order one if you’re new. An epiphany!
TempuraBatter FriedFish, shellfish, vegetables cooked in crunchy fried batter.

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