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“Originality is the fine art of remembering what you hear but forgetting where you heard it.”

— Laurence J. Peter

This is my first website.  I started collecting things for it back on October 4, 2006. I used to think that any good ideas would be remembered.  I no longer believe this.  At one point (January 1, 2018) my “List of Things to Do” was 1043 pages long.  It was then that I started to divide it up between “things I wanted to remember and share with others”  and “things that might be good ideas for books, movies, businesses”  (i.e. could possibly make money.)

That first list is below.  As I work on the things on the second list, I will be adding them here, or at least telling you what I am working on as it becomes protected. This may change after I am gone, then many of my (unrealized) ideas might become included here. If you think they’re great ideas as well, then go for it, and make them real.  Just give me credit somewhere for the original idea.

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Please be aware that many of these treaties, and pictures which accompany them, are taken in totofrom various on-line sources. No copyright permission has been sought or obtained.  They are included only so you know WHAT I am talking about.  If you are in control of this content and believe I have exceeded the “fair use” of this material, please contact me immediately so I can know exactly what I need to modify or remove.